October Apples!

Autumn is now in full swing and I don’t know about you, but there’s something magical about Autumn with its trees surrounded by pools of amber and gold. Whilst out on a crisp walk through the orchards last week, I was inspired to write about our local Cider businesses. Apple season is now underway, so it only seemed fitting!

Herefordshire has vastly become known as a cider hub with over half of the UK’s cider being produced here in our beautiful countryside. Not only have we produced cider for over 350 years, but Herefordshire is also home to the largest cider mill, Bulmers (now owned by Heineken).

Farming and agriculture remain very special to me and it is, after all, what our county is known for. Much of the knowledge and land has been passed down through generations and it is this that cements the hearts and souls of our farmers onto the landscape and inspires others to do the same.  

Once Upon A Tree

Couple, Simon and Hannah Day moved to Putley, and it was after this that they came up with the idea of cider-making. Based in Ledbury, their shop not only houses their own cider, but they have 10 draughts on tap, as well as bottles, which adds up to 200 types at any given time!


Based in Abbey Dore, Gwatkin is a small family run business. Surrounded by apple and pear orchards, their working farm remains their home. In the Golden Valley lies their farm shop which is home to 35 ciders and perries.

If you are thinking about visiting Herefordshire this autumn, I have listed below a couple of Cider Tours to help quench your Cider thirst!

Weston’s Cider: Cider Mill Tour

Based in Ledbury, follow the cider-making process from blossom to bottle. The tour gives you access to the heart of the mill, whilst showing you where they harvest, wash, weigh and package the apples. The tours are available at selected times every day. The play area, tea rooms and shire horses make it perfect for a family day out! Find out more here.

Ross-On-Wye Cider & Perry Company

The walk normally lasts between 20-40 minutes with the tasting usually lasting over an hour. Feeling peckish as well? A meal can also be incorporated into the tour! Once the tour is over you can even take home a free bottle!

Feeling inspired? We still have some availability for October, why not take a look through our list of properties and book your trip to Herefordshire today.